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Air Plant paintings are reclaimed wood with an abstract acrylic painting over top. A wire fastener is attached to hold an air plant on the art! 

Each painting comes with your choice of real or fake air plant. Please make note below if you want real or fake, no price change. 

Air plants are real live plants that do not have roots and do not need soil to grow! They can live happily under the right conditions in your art. Once a week, simply take the plant out of the holder, set in clean water for 20 min. Then take out of the water, shake to get the water out of the crown of the plant. Then set face down on a towel to dry. Then set back in the art holder and enjoy! Air plants do like indirect light and do not like drafty places. If you have a spot that needs a pop of color but the conditions are not right, consider a fake air plant! They are even easier to care for and look surprisingly alive. Questions about which is better for your? Just ask!

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